New Energy Lithium Battery Technology

In 2004, it entered the new energy lithium battery industry, relying on professional and efficient industrial operation capabilities, and gradually developed into a new energy battery supplier and overall solution expert with Victor Technology (600152) as the main body and 3C digital battery and small power battery as the core. It is the top five suppliers in the domestic 3C digital battery industry, and is committed to becoming the world's best battery product supplier and the overall solution expert of secondary energy battery.

It has a national high-tech enterprise, a national academician workstation, a new energy technology research institute, a provincial enterprise technology center, obtained the National Laboratory Qualification (CNAs) certification, and jointly established a lithium-ion battery technology research center with the Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Through independent research and development by Vico Technology Research Institute, it has more than 150 lithium-ion patented technologies, including more than 40 invention patents; Through joint ventures, technical cooperation and other means, it has mastered the core technology of international lithium batteries, developed new lithium battery technology suitable for the 5g era, and has undertaken the research and development of major provincial and municipal scientific and technological special projects such as the application research of Silene anode, the development of marine wind power conversion and energy storage lithium-ion battery pack, and the application research of graphene. It has a leading edge in the research and application of new materials such as graphene and silicon negative.

It has formed an advanced intelligent manufacturing process system supported by automatic production lines and data-based Production Traceability system, introduced advanced battery manufacturing technology from South Korea and Japan, improved the intelligent level of coating, slitting, film making, winding, packaging and other processes, and integrated the production system and intelligent technology.

It has established strategic supply chain cooperation with international and domestic first-class manufacturers of mobile phones, laptops, mobile power supplies, electric equipment, etc., and has become an international main supplier of lithium batteries.

3C Digital Batteries

  • Specializing in supplying high-energy-density cell series products for smartphones, tablets and laptops, fully meet UL and IEC standards, based on China and radiating neighboring countries, establishing multiple cells and PACK smart manufacturing in Ningbo, Dongguan, Nanchang and India Base, to build a dual headquarters model of Ningbo management headquarters + Shenzhen sales headquarters.

  • Veken has built an advanced lithium battery manufacturing system that enables greater accuracy and efficiency in tracking real-time data across all production lines and status of all client orders. The manufacturing system adopts Planning Scheduling (APS) system, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Product Data Management (PDM) system, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system, as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system.

  • To provide domestic mainstream brand 3C digital manufacturers with high-quality, durable and high-performance battery products. The main customers include first-line mainstream mobile phone brands such as MOTO, TCL, TRANSSION, ZTE, as well as Simpu, Asus, Shenji, Apple mophie (Murphy), Caller, DJI and other first-line manufacturers of notebook computers, mobile power supplies, drones, and personal wearable devices.

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Small Power Battery

  • As a comprehensive solution provider of small power lithium batteries integrating the design and development of battery management system (BMS) and the production of battery modules (BatteryPack), Veken is committed to becoming a market leader in the overall solution of secondary power in small power and small energy storage, and a leading supplier in the two-wheeled vehicle electrical changing industry.

    Grasp the opportunity of two-wheeler upgrading, Internet of Things and the outbreak of energy storage batteries, Veken focus on R&D, manufacturing and sales of four major product areas including electric two-wheeler vehicles, industrial vehicles and robots, smart home appliances and power tools, energy storage products. Veken has partnered with international lithium electricity giant LG, Samsung, and other famous brands in power batteries to develop,independent design, PACK, and other specialized capabilities to ensure high quality and consistency of products.

  • It has the ability to develop and research the lithium battery BMS management system of two wheeled electric vehicles, the self-developed intelligent battery control system, the intelligent power exchange system of the Internet of things, the big data analysis platform of battery business and the self-developed core algorithm of charge and discharge control to realize the intelligent management of batteries. The built power exchange system architecture is economical, convenient and fast charging

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