High-tech Investment

Industrial Internet

Leading the Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute series project, successfully introduced the top scientists and technical teams in China's industrial automation field, and built the industrial Internet 1+N national-level innovation platform and industrial cluster.
  • 1 Industrial Internet Research Institute

    Professor Jian Jian's team, SDIC Ningbo, and Veken have jointly established a joint venture to build an industrial Internet as the corner, industrial operating system as the cornerstone, industrial APP application as the driving force, industrial control security as the guarantee, and continuous cultivation of innovative enterprises as the fundamental research and development + The innovative and innovative system of industrialization will help enhance the national industrial Internet platform services, intelligent manufacturing technology services, and industrial autonomous and controllable technical services.

    Focusing on the two major themes of China Manufacturing 2025 and Industrial Internet, the company focuses on forward-oriented industries such as smart manufacturing, robotics, and industrial Internet of Things, and continues to incubate high-tech companies.

  • N-1 Industrial Operating System (supOS)

    With the development of "factory-level information integration" as the cutting-edge, through the industrial big data integration platform, industrial artificial intelligence engine, industrial interconnect cloud platform and other eight functional modules, promote ET, PT, OT, AT (device technology, process technology, Operation technology, automation technology) and IT technology innovation integration, to create "Industrial Android" in "China's wisdom".

  • N-2 Industrial Control Safety

    Develop and develop high-performance self-controllable safety bus technology, master and solve the operation mechanism and attack and defense path of all major industrial control systems at home and abroad, undertake important projects in the national industrial safety control field, and military and military advanced technology pre-research and other important projects, and In the industrial security market of high-end customers such as the Three Gorges, China National Nuclear Corporation and Sinopec, we achieved breakthroughs in the commanding heights.

  • N-3 control chip

    Developed a chip-level control system (CMC for short) to realize a major technological breakthrough in miniaturization of main control components in the form of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, and further realize deep levels in the fields of IoT networks, human-machine interfaces, and high-precision sensing and measurement. application.

  • Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Lanzhuo Industrial Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Guoli Netan Technology Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Zhongkong Microelectronics Co., Ltd.