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Based on decades of extensive experience in strategic investments, industrial operations and capital operations, Veken shares competitive resources with business partners to complement each other with distinctive opportunities, effectively resulting in a more valuable and sustainable investment chain.

Strategic Investment Advantages: Based on strategic judgment abilities, industry investment experience and the resources of SDIC funds, Veken precisely assesses, forecasts and grasps the most current national development trend and invest heavily in forward-looking, strategic high-tech industries such as new energy and new materials.

Industrial Operation Advantages: With long-term focus on industrial operations, Veken possesses professional and efficient industrial operating systems and comprehensive experience in industrial management. Veken works with its portfolio companies to improve value through strategic and operational growth initiatives, making them better and world-class industry leaders.

Capital Operation Advantages: With abundantly large pool of investment capital, professional investment teams as well as resources in investment banks, funds and security markets, Veken integrates and manages the entire lifecycle of industrial investment operation chains. Our seasoned professionals have comprehensive knowledge and experience in IPO, M&A, industrial integration, continuous cultivation and exit.

Investment focus

◆ High-tech Investment

Industrial Internet

National key scientific and technological achievements transformation field

Related industry


High-tech Investment

◆ New Energy Industry

3C digital battery

Power Battery

Intelligent Electronic Equipment


New Energy Industry

◆ Science and Technology Textile Field

Industrial New Materials

Green Manufacturing Center

Brand Textile and Apparel Industry


Science and Technology Textile Field

◆ Modern Service Area

Financial Services

Commodity Trade

Technology Real Estate


Modern Service Area