The elitists in China even around the world, who all attracted by the value idea of “Veken, creating happy life”, gather here to develop their undertaking, and make unremitting endeavor for their own and others’ beautiful dreams.

Talent Toncept

Core Concept
Thinking highly of people, Veken regards people as the capital for enterprise strategy and the strong point of its living and growing. We emphasize that people’s development takes precedence over everything else. We also regard respecting people’s dignity, concerning their needs and maximizing their potential as the foundation of the development of the company.

Attracting Talents
Relying on its mission and culture, achievements and opportunities, policies and treatment, Veken attracts and recruits many excellent employees. We pay much more attentions to people’s quality, potential, character, education and experience; and according to the principle of “new jobs for new ones”, we employ and arrange the right person on right position.

Developing Talents
The way of “one master trains an apprentice” makes the new recruits to quickly infuse into the enterprise circumstance, and builds a more comfortable working environment and more effective business setting to fully exert their potentials.

We develop talents through many kinds of cultivating methods, such as job rotation, crossed concurrent post, taking temporary post, and individual training. We demonstrates the promote directions and paves career layout for talents and shortens cultivating and probation periods with the position ability measurement model.

Managing Talents
On the basis of objective and impartial assessment results, we arrange the most suitable person for every position. Putting in use of a position ability measurement model, we check the assessment between the employee and the position; provide materials for recruit, training, adjustment, understanding oneself and career planning, and expand career space for good men.

We emphatically engage the ones have both ability and integrity; train the ones have integrity but ability; selectively arrange the ones have ability but integrity; and fire the ones have neither ability nor integrity.

Retain Talents
Veken pays much attention to display employees’ value, and create the system for self-motivation and self-controlled, and for encouraging good men to set themselves apart from others. We set up talent foundation and talent scout award for the ones who make outstanding contributions on talent introduction and training.

Veken will pave a career developing passageway that closely matched with you abilities, fly your dreams. Let us create a great cause and enjoy the future together.

Requirements of employees
Employees’ behavioral standards: be loyal in company, team work, be efficient and excellent, be dedicated and innovative.
1. Loyalty in company: refrain from doing anything prejudicial to Veken, and safeguard its honor.

2. team-work: never shirk the work in the job scope; take the initiative to duty not clear; and be pleasure to assist the jobs out of duty.

3. Efficiency and excellent: do not fear competition, but dare to face it; and create top achievement in strong competition.

4. Dedication and opening-up: have diligent sweat for every success, and on-going passion for prosperity future.

Executive behavioral standard:
Be of one heart and one mind, be responsible, be diligent and pragmatic, and be innovative.

1. Be of one heart and one mind: persevere in the rule of the interests of Veken above all else, be a good listener and unite with all those.

2. be responsible: keep strong innovative spirit and crisis awareness, and could undertake personal risk for the future and significant operating decision of our company.

3. be diligent and pragmatic: be down-to-earth, pay attention to details; go beyond ourselves and pursuit of excellence.

4. be innovative: advocate lifelong study, improve creative capacity, dare to be self-denying and seek for higher realm.

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